(ARIT – AIPE 2019) 


Guidelines for writing Project Report


Dear Students, kindly note the guidelines for preparing your project report as follows:

1. Project report must consist the following in the given sequence only.

1. Cover Page

2. Title Page

3. Certificate of completion of project

4. Certificate of Originality

5. Declaration by student

6. Acknowledgement

7. List of tables

8. List of figures/ graphs/ algorithms etc.

9. Abstract

10. Index page/ Chapterisation

11. Chapter 1. Introduction (which will cover System study and analysis of the System).

12. Chapter 2. Design (Data flow diagrams, database design, ER diagrams, Input forms,

output forms with their description).

13. Chapter 3. Implementation (Source code of the system).

14. Chapter 4. Results and Analysis (This will include final reports showing

results/outcome of the system).

15. Chapter 5. Conclusion (This will include Final conclusion of the system along with

future scope and limitations).

16. References

2. Description regarding Project Report formatting

1. Page size: A4 (Excel Bond Paper)

2. Page Margins:

a. Left: 1.5”

b. Right: 1”

c. Top: 1”

d. Bottom: 1”

3. Page Border:

a. Four sided border for:

Cover page, Title page, Certificate pages, declaration page, acknowledgement

page, list of tables/figs/graphs/algorithms, abstract and chapterisation.

b. Top and Bottom border for Remaining report.

4. First Line Indent: 0.5”

5. Font: Times New Roman

6. Font Size:

a. Main Heading: 16

b. Sub Heading: 14

c. Normal Text: 12

7. Line Spacing: 1.5 Lines

8. Leather Binding: 2 copies (Black binding) with silver print cover page.

9. Spiral Binding: 1 copy (Laser Print)

10. Soft Copy of project report and implemented system in CD.

3. After completion of writing report as per above guidelines, kindly e-mail it to your respective

guide and get it checked from them.

4. Make the corrections if any suggested by your guide.

5. Then e-mail the same copy to me. (Prof. Atul Shingarwade)

6. After my approval only, go for physical copy and binding.

7. Kindly complete the above said before 10th April 2020.


Prof. Atul K. Shingarawde

Head of Department (M.Sc. Computer Science)