1.         The college maintains strict discipline and expects rules to be followed by every student in the college campus and outside. Students must obey the instructions of the Principal. Students found violating the rules of the college administration or behaving in an indiscipline manner will have their names removed from the college rolls. It will be presumed on admission that the students concerned and their parents and/or guardians have read and concurred with these rules.

2.         Attendance : As per the University rules, every student is required to attend 75% of the lectures (Theory and Practical taken together). The student having an attendance below 75% will not be permitted to appear for the University examination. The students remaining absent without genuine reasons will have to pay a fine as decided by the college.

3.         Identity Card : Every student will get his/her identity card from the college after submitting one self thumb size photograph. It is essential for every college student to bear the Identity card with them while in the college premises so that he/she is able to produce it on being asked to. The loss of the I-card must be reported immediately to the office clerk. He/She will get the new I-card after paying the fine of Rs. 250/- and submission one thumb size photograph.

4.         Students should make careful use of college books, room furniture, fans, laboratory equipment and all the college property. The cost of any damage done would be recoverable from the students either individually or collectively as the case may be.

5.         Students are prohibited from forming associations/organizations and from holding functions in the college without the prior permission of the Principal. Students are prohibited from organizing welcome, farewell and other such functions outside college premises. Violation of rules will merit severe disiplinary action. The Principal's decision in all the matters of admission, administration and enforcement of discipline and general rules and other important instructions mentioned in this prospectus shall be final and binding on all.

6.         Library Access Pass : Every student will get 2 Library Access Pass only after paying the security deposit of 2000/- Rs.

7.         A student appeared in any dress or with a hairstyle, which is considered not to be in harmony with the environment, is restricted to enter the premises or remain in the campus unless such student changes his/her dress and hairstyle, so as to confirm to the standard accepted by the institution. A student, who is found to be in objectionable dress or hairstyle, even after being once asked to change is liable to be suspended for a week from the institution. The decision of the Principal will be final and binding on all.

8.         It has also been observed that often irrational playing of instruments disturbs the quite academic atmosphere. Therefore, Radios, Transistors, Tape Recorders, Mobile Phones, Walkmans or Musical instruments are not permitted in the campus except with prior written permission of the Principal. Any student found in possession of these instruments is liable to disciplinary action.

9.         The student should be regular in attendance and his/her attendance for the day will be marked only when he/she is present for all sessions during the day.

10.       The attendance for the tests and tutorials conducted by the college is compulsory.

11.       Smoking or intake of any unhygienic product in the premises is prohibited. Any student doing such things will be liable for Penal actions.

12.       Students should read the Notice Board regularly. The College will not be responsible for loss of communication to the student due to any negligence on the part of the student.

13.       The student should strictly obey the instructions given by the Principal from time to time.

14.       Student should have to pay the full college fees, other dues for the current academic year due on them and then only his/her admission will get cancelled and T.C. will be issued for it.

15.       Students eligible for Fee concession/scholarship will have to pay fees which are not reimbursed by the Govt.

16.       Every student is required to clear all the college dues before submitting  the University Examination Form. The student failing to do so will find his name struck off from the college roll.

17.       The student admitted on a provisional basis will have to confirm his/her admission by complying with all the rules of admission within the time span fixed by the Admission Committee.

18.       Ragging is strictly prohibited by the college as well as by a new law enforced by the govt. of Maharashtra in tandem with the central govt. Any student found guilty regarding the above said issue; He / She will be liable for strict penal actions and legal proceedings thereof.

19.       Every student should be cleanly and modestly dressed. Jeans and T Shirt are  not allowed for  Boys. Girls should not wear modern dresses.

20.       Student should read the Notice Board as well as college website notice board ( regularly. The college will not responsible for loss of communication to the student due to any negligence on the part of the student.

21.       Students shall maintain perfect silence within the classroom.

22.       On a staff member entering the class room, the students shall rise up and keep standing till they are permitted to sit or the member of the staff takes his / her seat.

23.       Any student who comes to class after the roll call is taken, shall enter the classroom only with the permission of the staff-in-charge of the class.

24.       No student shall leave the classroom without the permission of the staff concerned before the class is dispersed


Eligibility to appear for the End Semester Examinations

A student will be allowed to appear for the end semester examinations only if:

1. He /  She puts in at  least 75% of attendance

2. He / She shows satisfactory progress in studies, in all the tests and examinations conducted by the college / department during the semester and secure at least reasonable minimum marks in them.

3. His / Her conduct in the college during the semester had been satisfactory


Shortage of Attendance

The following regulations will be followed for condonation and detention.

1. Candidates who earn 75% of attendance and above in the current semester are  eligible to write the examinations, both arrears and regular subjects.

2. Candidates who earn attendance less than 75%  in the current semester are  eligible to appear for  the examination if the shortage of attendance is earn through subject assignments and practical’s.


Ragging and Government order on Ragging

Ragging is totally banned in the college and it is a punishable offence. The Government of Tamil Nadu has banned ragging in Educational Institutions by passing an Order “ Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Ragging Act 1997” (vide its  order No.7 of 14.02.1997) which says that indulging in ragging will be punished as  follows :

1. Imprisonment up to a term of 2 years and

2. A fine up to Rs.10,000/- and

3. The student convicted of ragging will be dismissed from the Institution and shall not be admitted in any other educational institution.


Hence students are advised not to indulge in ragging and stay away from such activities but rise up against this evil.